Sensitive Scalps Rejoice: INOA Hair Color is Here

Place Vendome now offers the industry changing INOA Hair Color. Sharon, Lisa and the other color technicians at Place Vendome have tested the product and absolutely love it.  Sharon says:

I particularly love it because it doesn’t cause the discomfort in sensitive scalps that other ammonia-heavy colors create. We think that this will be life-changing for people with asthma and allergies. Even pregnant women that have chosen to continue coloring their hair will appreciate this product.

Many expectant moms get more sensitive to chemicals and smells when they are pregnant, and INOA is odorless. We look forward to getting our customer’s feedback as we use this product at the salon!

Safe Keratin Application at Place Vendome

Safe Keratin Application Starts with Purified Air

There has been a lot of press about the safety of Keratin treatments. Overall, keratin hair straightening treatments are relatively safe, but there is a real health hazard associated with the inhalation of the fumes when the keratin solution is being applied. We wanted to be able to continue offering the Keratin hair treatment to our customers, while keeping everyone safe from these dangerous fumes.

Place Vendome is proud to confirm that we have installed the Aerovex Systems. This air purifier is a chemical source capture system that will clean our air from the dangerous fumes produced at the salon. This was an important decision that will help bring cleaner air to our salon to keep our clients safe.
More About Aerovex

Aerovex Systems’ Chemical Source Capture System is a specialized ventilation system designed to absorb and remove Keratin Treatment formaldehyde vapors from the air. In addition to creating a very well ventilated area for stylists & salon patrons, the Chemical Source Capture System lowers the potential for excessive inhalation exposure.